Thursday, 22 August 2013

Divinity Dragon Commander Trainer Cheat Hack

Divinity Dragon Commander Trainer is released. Double the fun using Divinity Dragon Commander Cheats and cheat your way to the top.
Check below for full trainer features and notes on how to use them.
Find download link at the bottom of the page.
Command your dragons and strengthen the empire.  Build your army , use weapons , tactical insights and everything else that needs you to  rule the empire.
Divinity Dragon Commander Trainer will help you in your journey and and your quest in becoming the new emperor.
Trainer  is compatible with all operating systems and all game versions, including Skidrow and steam. It is stable to use and does not affect the gameplay in any way. ( No frozenings, no glitches or shutdowns )
 Activate the trainer by pressing F1 at main menu
See below for hotkeys and cheats
Numpad 1 :  Add Gold
Numpad 2 :  Add Movement Points
Numpad 3 : Add Recruit Points
Numpad 4 : Add Research Points
Numpad 5 : Add Dragons Energy
Numpad 6 : Unlimited Health ( Units and Buildings )
Numpad 7 : One hit Kill
Numpad 8 : No Overheat (Dragon)
Numpad 9 : Instant Dragon Timer
Numpad 0 : Lower Dragons Energy Drain Speed
Numpad + : Heal Selected Unit
Numpad - : Damage Selected Unit
F9 : Increase camera distance to dragon
f10 : Decrease camera distance to dragon
All hotkeys are customizable.
Have fun,


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